Liltle bit about Sam… 

Samantha is a registered Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. After completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Griffith University, Samantha completed her postgraduate studies at Bond University and graduated from the Masters of Psychology (Clinical). Samantha has gained practical experience in a variety of settings, including clinical, hospital, school and occupational rehabilitation, which has provided her with the knowledge and skills to work with individuals ranging from children and adolescents to younger and older adults.

Samantha provides techniques using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and can help clients develop the necessary skills to better manage stress and to improve their quality of life, such as Mindfulness skills development. Samantha is passionate about taking a holistic approach to mental health care and is supportive of complementary therapies, such as Yoga, to incorporate into a client’s individualised treatment plan.

Samantha’s areas of interest include anxiety and related disorders, depression, phobias, panic disorders, trauma, body image concerns, adjustment difficulties and stress management.

Emily Dickinson famously said “the brain is wider than the Sky” and I work to help my clients achieve the porton of that potential they are seeking. 

The atmosphere – It’s genuinely fun and supportive. A community of great people.

I love that I am able to learn from every client I see. Life can be tough, tougher for some people than others, and I learn the power of the mind and human resilience.

To travel to every country on earth.

To read minds.