Professional Development Events Calendar 2017

Saturday 18th November – 8am-1pm (5 CPD points)

• Causes of falls – Physiotherapist
• Nutrition, supplements and the contribution of food to falls – Accredited Nutritionist
• Diabetes & Risk of Falls; Contributing factors – Diabetes Educator
• Falls and your feet – Podiatrist
• Falls Prevention in the home – Exercise Physiologist & Occupational Therapist

Cost $75 (includes morning tea).

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Management and Nutrition for Patients with Diabetes Conference

Join us for 9-nights aboard Celebrity Solstice as we equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage and support your clients and patients with diabetes, confidently and effectively. The seminar sessions will be presented by passionate and experienced presenters, in an interactive and hands-on environment, with case studies relevant to your practice. This conference will provide 18 hours of professional development with an update of diabetes prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. We welcome RN’s, EN’s, Podiatrists, Dietitians and Diabetes Educators, and any Health Professionals interested in improving Diabetes service provision.
– Diabetes in Australia – who, why and what is the trajectory.
– Diabetes 101; back to basics.
– Pre-diabetes – where we can make the biggest impact on the growing Diabetes Statistics.
– The weighty issue of Diabetes – why are people with Diabetes Overweight, and why our ‘eat less, move more’ attitude is failing?
– Diabetes Diagnostics – what should we be testing, and how do we interpret the results? Should we rely on HbA1c?
– NIDDM, IDDM, Type 1, Type 2, GDM, LADA, IGT, IFG…… Let us explain.
– Blood Glucose Monitoring – What are you looking at, and what does it really tell you?
– Nutrition for everyBODY – what we need as functioning human bodies.
– Nutrition for Diabetes; what we must change manually when the automatic glucose control has been injured, and what we can really achieve from good nutrition.
– Medications for diabetes simplified – oral and injectable, and how these can assist weight control and prevent against neuro-degeneration.
– ‘Natural’ Diabetes management; Alternative pharmaceuticals examined.
– Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – explaining the pathology, the links and the deadly relationship of Diabetes along its lifespan.
– Nutrition in CVD; Are we still promoting the low fat diet?
– Diabetes emergencies – hyper and hypo’s. Are you prepared?
– Carb counting – What are really asking our clients to do when we suggest this? A day in the life of someone with Type 1 Diabetes.
– Movement – How important is it to move in general, and specifically for Diabetes.
– Diabetes Complications – prevention, delaying advancement of existing complications and maximizing quality of life.
– What’s new or being developed in Diabetes treatment, devices and guidelines?

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