Emily Henry

Sports Dietitian

Emily Henry is an Accredited Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian, and is internationally recognised in the area of nutrition and movement. She is the co-founder and Senior Dietitian at AARI Health Arena, and her client centred approach gives her clients the best results. You will always find her home-baked delicious ‘no-guilt’ treats at the coffee and tea station in reception.

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Cody Waldon

Exercise Physioglogist

Cody is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, he is our go to man when it comes to exercise prescription. His passion is exercise and maximising the functional potential of the body. You will often find him in the health arena formulating new gym programs for his clients or taking a Tabata or Hydrotherapy class. Cody loves a chat, and can genuinely make you laugh through your training session. He’s also known to call his clients for a gentle nudge when they miss a session!

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Julia Lowe


Julia is trained in endocrinology in the UK, and has been working in the field, between Australia and Canada Australia for the last 25 years. Julia returned to Australia in 2017 to spend more time with my family. I am passionate about improving diabetes care for all, and have conducted research to improve the delivery of diabetes services especially for those changing from children’s to adult services or in pregnancy.

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Remedial/ Sports Massage Therapist

Leeza is a Remedial Massage Therapist with a strong passion for health and wellness. She provides a range of advanced remedial therapy techniques to relieve pain and improve movement patterns. Leeza offers professional expertise and genuine care, so you’ll be glad to have her as part of your health team!

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Amanda Fryer

Diabetes Educator

Amanda is a Credentialed Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse, who has been educating, empowering and supporting people with diabetes, nurses and doctors for over 20 years. Her passion for making diabetes easy to understand, and her genuine care for her clients, is why her clients come back year after year.

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Samantha Cole


Samantha is a clinically trained Psychologist with experience in clinical, hospital, school and occupational rehabilitation sectors. Samantha is passionate about supporting her clients to achieve their mental and physical health related goals. Samantha’s psychological framework focuses on the biopsychosocial factors contributing to an individual’s presenting concerns and she strives to create a therapeutic environment where her client’s feel safe, relaxed and supported.

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Cindy Ho

Accredited Consultant Parmacist

Cindy is our newest member, and is passionate about answering your medicine questions! She has worked in hospital and retail settings, but enjoys nothing more than chatting with clients about their medicines, and saving them money on their pharmacy bill!


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All our practitioners are certified under the following appropriate organisations