Do you understand your medicines and supplements?

A Medcines Review (HMR) is a comprehensive assessment of all your medicines, natural supplements, including how, what time, and why you are taking them. Too many people are wasting money on medicines and supplements that simply don’t work, or interact with others, potentially causing nasty side-effects.

We can help you with …

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    Knowing and understanding your regular medicines.

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    Ensuring all of your over-the counter supplements (Vitamins, Minerals and creams) are working for you.

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    Saving you money – stop wasting money on medicines and supplements that just don’t work!

What is a Home Medicines Review (HMR)?

A Home Medicine Review (HMR) is a comprehensive clinical review of all your medications and supplements (like vitamins and fish oils). The interview aims to improve your understanding about your medications, answer any questions you may have about the things you take, and identify and address any medicine related issues, to achieve safe, effective and appropriate use of your medicines.

What can I gain from a HMR?

We take a medicine or vitamin to achieve a result; maybe increase our bone strength or reduce our cholesterol of reflux. Some of these medicines interact with each other, meaning we need to take more of a certain drug to try to make it work. Some medicines (like reflux medicine and calcium supplements, or even aspirin and fish oil) which can potentially cause adverse reactions such as bone weakness or bleeding. This is not only a huge waste of money, but is dangerous.

Doesn’t my Doctor or local Pharmacy do this?

In short, no.
Neither your pharmacist, nor your GP will ever have a complete picture of how you take your medicines and supplements. The HMR involves reviewing the reason you take these medicines, what time, how you store and administer them, which ones you take together and what the outcome is. The HMR is the only way to see your complete medicines picture, and this is reported back to your GP so they do understand your medicine situation.

What exactly does it involve?

The HMR is conducted in the comfort of your home. The interview generally takes around an hour, and we will be asking you questions about your medications, supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies, patches, creams and drops. The Pharmacist will then perform a thorough assessment of everything you take, to ensure it is working the way it is intended, that it does not interact with something else you take, and to ensure you are taking it in the right way.
After the interview, we summarise everything into a report, for you to discuss with your regular GP.

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