Liltle bit about Leeza… 

Leeza has been a Remedial Massage Therapist for the past five years. She has grown up in the sporting world, and was fascinated by how the human body interacts and intertwines. She was amazed by how an injury can throw the whole body our of whack. Remedial Massage alows you to explore the injury, improving blood supply and immunity to the area, while providing a relaxing therapy for a stressed and injured body.

‘I strive to take an individual approach with each of my clients and work with them to improve their health and get more out of life.’

I love working within a team of like-minded professionals, who are client-focused and genuinely caring.  AARI has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that creates a fun and supportive environment for everyone.

The ability to help, and to put injured people back together.

Happiness and contentment; mentally, physically and emotionally.

The ability to make someone happy at the click of a finger.