Liltle bit about Emily … 

As a child my mother was on every diet known to mankind, and I just kind of followed suit. Before I knew it, I was so confused by what we should and shouldn’t be eating that going to the supermarket was a dangerous game. So, I dug into a nutrition degree to sort it all out. Not being happy with the basics, I wanted to really understand what people meant about ‘diet and exercise,’ so I threw myself into a Sports Nutrition diploma to learn how to feed the moving body (and, of course to get the graduation holiday in Switzerland!). So now, nutritionally content, I can teach my clients how exactly to achieve the balance for themselves.

I studied at the University of Wollongong for 5 years, and then the International Olympic Committee for 2 years.

‘I love being an educated critic; being able to pick apart ‘what they say’ and to make sense of the nutrition hype instead of following the hearsay blindly. It’s definitely saved me stacks in my grocery bill ‘ 

The vibe of coming to work, the fun and the laughs. I love the collaboration of working with people who really care and are connected to their clients.

The freebies are tasty…

To travel to every country on earth.

To teleport.