Why do i feel so light and flexible when i am in the water?

Fluid Movement (Hydrotherapy)

When people think of hydrotherapy they think off deep water running or water aerobics. This isn’t wrong but hydrotherapy can be so much more.
As soon as we step into a pool the action of gravity is reduced, we become lighter and therefore we can do many things that would be too difficult outside of the water. Along with the the warmth of the water helps blood flow and everytime we move we have to move against water.
Not only is it great for rehabilitation but for anyone with pain it can be a lifesaver Cough Cough**


We live on land. Unfortunately we come crashing down when we leave the pool and for many this can reduce the benefit and progress we make.

AARI Solution

Here at AARI we run Hydrotherapy once a week, many that attend the pool will also attend the gym. The exercises in the gym don’t need to be overly difficult or hard. What they help to do is breach the gap between the pool and the land.
Breach.. Get it??



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