So what exactly is Cholesterol?

“Your sugar’s are a bit high, we better keep an eye on that”

“Your sugar’s are a bit high, we better keep an eye on that”

Commonly said to patients with pre diabetes, whose blood glucose levels are higher than they should be, but not high enough to be diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetes. Without any explanation of why or how they should be ‘keeping an eye on it’, my clients admit they didn’t make any changes. I don’t get to see them until they then progress to Type 2 Diabetes, +/- preventable complications.

Why does pre diabetes need to be taken seriously?
Pre diabetes needs to be taken seriously because this is where cardiovascular damage starts, damage to your blood vessels, the development of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.
A recent study showed more than 1/3 of people with pre diabetes also had unrecognized chronic kidney disease!

Just like a polyp in the bowel is pre cancerous, (and is always cut out), pre diabetes needs to be managed with the same urgency to prevent it becoming Type 2 Diabetes, which will kill 80% of people through heart disease and stroke!

Good News! 60% of people can remove the diagnosis of pre diabetes by making some lifestyle changes – especially losing belly fat (which releases nasty inflammatory chemicals into your bloodstream), intentionally moving, and eating healthy.
Diabetes and pre diabetes aren’t about the sugar you eat! It’s about whatever contributes to your belly being fat. Let’s get the message out to the 2 million people in Australia who have pre diabetes that it IS serious, but reversible – and they can do it!


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