Don’t Be Hungry For Sleep!

There are many things that nourish and nurture well-being in life, some are physical, some psychological, some social and some spiritual.

However there are some fundamental or basic things that we cannot go for long without.
One of these things is sleep!
Whilst it may sound obvious that we do need sleep and that of all the activities that we do in our life, sleep is one of the main ones; given that we will spend around a third of our life asleep; however sleep is not something to be taken for granted.
Often it is only when we are deprived of sleep, good sleep, do we start to appreciate how important a good nights sleep is.
Sure we might go for a day or two or even three with out some good sleep; however this deficit will start to effect the whole of our mind-body complex and workings into life.
Sleep is like a food that we need  to take in regular doses ie, at lease 7 hours every day to function well in our life.
However as a Psychologist I hear an increasing number of people telling me about the problems of getting a good nights sleep.
This is not just because they have a new baby but more so because of the stress of their lives.
Stress is one of the major hindrances to a good nights sleep. It may cause us to not be able to fall asleep or it may wake us up in the middle of the night – worrying about issues and concerns.
No matter what is happening in our life, we are going to function better and deal with problems with more clarity and efficiency if we are well rested.
It is helpful to always sleep at the same time each evening and wake up at the same time each day, having had enough hours of sleep.
Preparing for sleep is important and part of ‘sleep hygene’.
Even doing a wind down before sleep can be most helpful which can include some stretching, soft music, dim lights, relaxation and meditation.
Mindfully and consciously finishing the day, feeling good about what has been done and achieved in the day, people that we might have been helpful for, feeling satisfied and happy with our self is  very important.
Mindfully making the mental suggesting that we will, ‘rest well, sleep well, without disturbance, all the way through to the chosen time of awakening’ can be a helpful thing to do. Even suggesting to our mind what thought or emotion we will wake up with  can be helpful. I suggest to wake up ready for our new day with joy!
So, if our life is important , then we need to make sleep important and nourish our mind and body with some healthy sleep.




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