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Normally, I don’t like to pick on individual foods. Typically, foods are ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on you and on your goals, and not on the particular foods.

However, there are some foods that could really just be scratched off the face of the earth and we would all be better for it.

#1. Sausages

**cue the gasps** A true sausage must be at least 1/3 fat, which comes from meat fat off-cuts and is almost entirely saturated. The meat that’s used in the typical sausage is almost always low-grade, so is salted to the hilt to give it flavour. Yes folks, it’s time to make your donation at the Scouts sausage sizzle and walk on past the humble saturated fat bag, the salty artery clogger, the snag.

#2. Rice

Even though most developing countries live off this grain as a staple, it is almost entirely void of any nutrients. It provides little fibre, protein and is densely packed with carbohydrates which helps the calories to stack up quickly. It’s also high-GI which spikes blood insulin (and thus fat storage) AND helps to lower the satiety index. This is why we can all eat a packet of rice crackers and then feel hungry! So, why are the Japanese so healthy? Well, it probably has more to do with their very high intake of green tea, fish and tofu, and their much higher-than-average daily energy expenditure than their rice intake.

#3. White Bread

Yes, the sausage sizzle really is out of the question! White bread is strikingly similar to the rice situation, carrying nothing of value nutritionally. To add further insult to nutritional injury, when we throw it into the cement mixer that is our mouth, we actually turn it back into dough, which is one of the hardest things the human stomach can digest!

So, if breaking food-hearts means we will start eating a grain bread, good quality lean meats and nutritious grains and legumes and lentils, then this post was more than worth it’s while!


Sports Dietitian

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